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Cave Spring Guinea Pig Rescue

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Cave Spring Piggie Rescue consists of dedicated, guinea pig loving employees of a veterinary clinic in Roanoke, VA. We rescue guinea pigs from local shelters that cannot house/care for these guys simply because of the volume of larger animals they take in.

Our rescue process

As the guinea pigs come into our care, they are examined by a veterinarian and either neutered or spayed. Their health is monitored by our staff while in our care. All piggies get another exam before leaving for their new homes. For this reason, there is a small adoption fee of $30. It may seem like a lot of money, but it doesn't come close to covering the vet costs they incur while in our care and is usually close to the price of a petstore bought guinea pig. We do this simply because we have a special place in our hearts for pigs and want to utilize the special resources available to us for the sake of these sweet and very entertaining little creatures. Plus, who can deny the wheee wheee's!

Adopting a Guinea Pig

To adopt an animal from CSPR, we first ask that you e-mail Vicki at for an application. Should your application be initially accepted (usually pending a vet reference), we will then set up a time for you to come to the clinic and meet the guinea pig(s) you are interested in. The best times are usually before 9am, between 12 and 2pm and after 5pm on weekdays. Special arrangements can be made if you cannot make it during these times. We do not do home visits on a routine basis but pictures of your guinea pig housing setup are helpful during the application process. We will only adopt out to people who we feel are responsible pet owners. Most of these pigs come from very rough and sad backgrounds and our goal is to see that it never happens again. For this reason, things like housing, feeding and handling shall be discussed before adoptions will take place.

How you can help

If you are unable to adopt a guinea pig but would like to help our rescue efforts, we have compiled a list of items that we need for the rescue. Since we are employees of a veterinary clinic and do not operate out of a shelter, we do not need caretakers to clean cages, etc. However, we may need people to foster in the future. If you are interested in fostering, please email Vicki at

* towels
* small carriers
* Carfresh or Aspen bedding
* Oxbow Cavy Cuisine
* cage accessories (water bottles, pigloos, hay mangers, food bowls, other houses, etc.)
* fresh veggies/fruits from your garden!
* newspaper
* timothy hay




Background image provided by Jackie's Guinea Pigs